Tiny Elephant Release

Tiny Elephant is being released the 15th of September 2022 on very limited quantity.

This collection is using a brand new algorithm that makes it truly unique.

Conditional art enables to have the best accessories to be displayed and only great combinations can appear during mint time.

Possessing a Tiny Elephant will allow you to have access to the Alpha version of our game!

An Innovative Video Game

Tiny Jungle Party is an iconic board game, being developed by the team including great minigames, and much more.

By playing the game, you have the opportunity to bet your tokens or your NFT against other players in this brand new game.

Learn more about the game in the dedicated section below.

A Deflationary Mechanism

The number of Tiny Elephant available will decrease due to an NFT burning mechanism used by the developers and named as The Bush Fire, which removes the cheapest NFTs in circulation.

Explained simply, The Bush Fire is an NFT buy and burn mechanism that reduces the number of Tiny Elephants whilst increasing the floor price.

Tiny Jungle Project Explained :

Tiny Jungle is a project aiming to democratise web3 among gamers.

What can Web3 bring to the gaming industry? Think about Sorare or Axie Infinity : people are able to play and being rewarded for being good at it.

Play Tiny Jungle Party and be rewarded with tokens and NFTs!

Want to know everything about the project, access our Whitepaper here: 

Stacking Rewards

Staking is a way for us to reward our community members for having a long term mindset and locking up their Tiny Elephant NFTs.
By staking your NFT you will be able to earn Token rewards, support us in the game development, prizes and much more!

How to Get Them?

By connecting your Solana Wallet at the mint date !
If you do not have a Solana Wallet yet or do not know how to have one, you will have further infos on the FAQ channel on our Discord.

Tiny Tigers

NFTs and Whitelist Tickets for Tiny Elephant

Whitelist Pass

Tiny Tigers and their Special Editions (Winter Tiny Tigers and Chinese New Year Tiny Tigers) are the first specie launched, representing 1000 NFTs and 500 Whitelist Tickets for Tiny Elephant.

Owning 2 or more Tiny Tigers NFTs (or Special Editions) will allow you to buy a Tiny Elephant at a reduced price and before others during the Whitelist Sale.

Only holders will have access to the limited presale, do not miss out and get yours just below!

1st Artistic DAO

Tiny Jungle Video Game

Tiny Jungle Party

Tiny Jungle Party is a board game styled video game that features the cutest characters from our universe.

The game features unique NFTs, enabling you to play with your favorite character.

Tiny Jungle Party is an iconic board game, including great minigames, and much more.

A Play To Earn Game

Players will be able to bet their tokens and win those bet by the other players.

They will also be able to bet their Tiny Jungle NFT and win the ones of other players.

Tokens or NFTs won during your game will then be tradable for other tokens, or stablecoins.

The winner gets to win all betted tokens and either bet them on a new game or trade them on platforms.




Code Writer and Social Manager
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Graduated from a top Business School in France. Self taught Solidity and Rust, he always stay aware of the latest technologies in the Crypto-space environment. Creating an immersive 3D art gallery would be one of his dreams and he strongly believes that this would be the future of Art.
Inspired Artist and Marketing Genius
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Studied Art for more than 15 years, learning technics from the greatest artists. Cubism aficionada, she thrives in finding new ways of making art. Secret fact : Her creativity and attention to detail makes her a great partner to work with !
Tiny Jungle Party Lead developer
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Always being passionate about computer science, he naturally land a job in the sector becoming a young video game developer. With years of experience he is now managed complex game projects. Tiny Jungle Party is the opportunity for him to merge his professional knowledge and his appetence for Crypto and NFTs.
3D Sculptor and Unity developer
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Passionate about learning how the universe works but born to late to explore it, he wondered what it would be like to create his own. He then decided to become a video game developer, aiming to create its own universes. 3D textures, modeling and rendering have shared all their secrets to this dedicated individual.

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Tiny Elephant

Price : 0.5 SOL

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